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"I can not recollect, where I about it read."

Andrea had sexE22 Over the many years of its run, Beverly Hills, brought its characters to many memorable turning points. Sometimes, they chose right, like when Steve decided to turn his legacy key grade-fixing scheme into good TV by telling his mother about it during a celebreality taping and get rewarded for his troubles with sex from a PA. Sometimes they chose wrong, like when Brenda decided the solution to her lack of diner serving skills was to reinvent herself as a brassy bit player from a forgotten '40s musical. One of the most notorious pivot points came in the Season 1 finale, "Home Again. Despite their stated intentions, Andrea and Brandon don't have sex then, or ever. But what if they had? In case you have neither watched the episode recently, listened to the podcast about it , or inspected the related Visual Aids , you may not remember or know the specifics on Brandon and Andrea's sex date, but since neither of them had access to an empty house or means to rent a hotel room, the plan was for Brandon to use his key to let them into the Peach Pit after hours so that they might bone there.Asked if he had put her hand on his penis he said 'I don't remember.' He said: 'I never intended to have sexual intercourse with Andrea, like. 2nd – They decided to have sex, but were thwarted by Kelly's surprise party/ intentional sabotage and Andrea is the first to say afterwards that they should stay. The thing that Andrea didn't like when Michael gets high the only thing that he wants to do was have sex all day. So he would call me early in the morning to tell ...the end of the story look at the video above ↑ ↑ ↑

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